May 05, 2017

Want Motivation On Weight Loss?

Want motivation on weight loss? Don’t rely on your willpower!

Controversial advice – I know, but there is psychological proof for it, so please bear with me and I’ll explain.

Most advice you’ll hear about how to get motivated and keep motivated when losing weight (or for any other goal in life actually), will teach you to rely on your will power for the support you need.

You’ve heard it all, right? And did any of the advice work?

You see – the problem with relying just on your will power to get you through the tough times, is that your will power is finite.

Research shows that it’s like a muscle. You over-use it and it fatigues. If you don’t let it rest sufficiently enough to recover, it won’t be much use to you for the rest of the day.

The added problem is that we don’t just use our will power to get us to stick to a weight loss or healthy living plan.

No – we use it all day long. From the moment you stop the alarm in the morning, trying to get out of bed and get ready for the day. Then when we’re getting the kids ready… Then countless times at work… and then back at home in the evenings. Our will power ‘muscle’ is pumped all day long.

No wonder that by the end of the day we collapse on the couch with zero energy. And the next obstacle we face will face zero resistance.

Oreos? Yes please )

Bottom line is that if you have nothing else to fall on to for motivation, you will not succeed at losing weight and more importantly keeping it off.

So what’s the alternative or the solution?

The way to make sure you have weight loss motivation "on tap”, is to use your will power to get you going, and then to form techniques and habits to reinforce and back you up each time you feel you’re wavering.

The techniques are very logical. But making them into a habit, i.e. an action that requires little to no conscious thought on your behalf is not so simple.

But before you run for the hills at the challenge, hear my 5-step system to forming "on tap” motivation. And know that it takes about 30 days of consistent application to start form a habit. Just 30 days!

This 5-step system can be applied to every side of your life – not just weight loss. Imagine if every time you needed to motivate yourself to get something done, or to resist doing something, you can just turn on your motivation "tap”…

So let’s get on with the practical bits. Pay attention – I will only write this once )

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April 19, 2017


I must confess to being startled by this proposal. I had not foreseen it. That I should have to do with any woman formed no part of my plans. As I have said, I hated women; I had not forgotten the lesson I had learnt as a lad. Hence the suddenness of his proposal took me somewhat aback.

But I did not betray my feelings. Instead I Neo skin lab walked quietly around the room, occasionally glancing at the two men who watched me closely.

"If I refuse to do this," I said presently, "you will of course make good your claims on Trevanion?"

Both nodded.

"And if I consent, you will in payment Neo skin lab for my services destroy the paper I gave to Prideaux,[Pg 25] give me back the deeds, and forgive the amount you mentioned?"

"I will have papers drawn up to that effect," replied old Peter in honeyed tones. "I will always be a friend to you, and render you any little services in my power. You are but thirty-two. Think what a gay life you could live!"

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April 10, 2017

Are You a Sheep in People Clothing?

Many people, who feel that they are independent and communicate well, are actually sheep in disguise. Are you one of them, how do you Hong Kong Travel discounts tell and how do you go about changing if you are?

When you are able to confidently stand on your own two feet, you become in control of your own life. You make decisions based on what is right for you or based on dreams and desires. When you are unable to do this, you start looking around for answers and can easily be lead astray.

People who are being sheep don't stop to find out for themselves what the facts really are. They look to other people for answers and understanding. They want so much to fit in that they deny to themselves who they really are and the divine gifts they have with in.

They are content to be, follow and become what everyone else is doing. They start to think, act, perform like the others and even believe that they like what the others like without question. They don't stop to find out what they like, desire or what their talents are.

Sadly, they can easily be lead into a mob reenex facial mentality and create death, destruction and pain on incident people while following someone else's agenda.

It is important to ask your self:
It what the other person saying true
Could he just be an antagonist with a hidden adgenda
Are these people riding on fear or being irrational
Is what they are saying even logical
Have I checked the facts
Are they looking to blame someone reenex for their own stuff.

Sometimes the other person may be trying to get you to follow there styles, beliefs or philosophies;

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March 28, 2017


It was a curious thing, said the reenex private tutor; one of those grotesque and whimsical incidents which occur to one as one goes through life. I lost the best situation which I am ever likely to have through it. But I am glad that I went to Thorpe Place, for I gained—well, as I tell you the story you will learn what I gained.

I don’t know whether you are familiar with that part of the Midlands which is drained by the Avon. It is the most English part of England. Shakespeare, the flower of the whole race, was born right in the middle of it. It is a land of rolling pastures, rising in higher folds to the westward, until they swell into the Malvern Hills. There are no towns, but numerous villages, each with its grey Norman church. You have left the brick of the southern and eastern counties behind you, and everything is stone—stone for the walls, and lichened slabs of stone for the roofs. It is all grim and solid and massive, as befits the heart of a great nation.

It was in the middle of this tr90 country, not very far from Evesham, that Sir John Bollamore lived in the old ancestral home of Thorpe Place, and thither it was that I came to teach his two little sons. Sir John was a widower—his wife had died three years before—and 86he had been left with these two lads aged eight and ten, and one dear little girl of seven. Miss Witherton, who is now my wife, was governess to this little girl. I was tutor to the two boys. Could there be a more obvious prelude to an engagement? She governs me now, and I tutor two little boys of our own. But, there—I have already revealed what it was which I gained in Thorpe Place!

It was a very, very old house, incredibly old—pre-Norman, some of it—and the Bollamores claimed to have lived in that situation nuskin hk since long before the Conquest. It struck a chill to my heart when first I came there, those enormously thick grey walls, the rude crumbling stones, the smell as from a sick animal which exhaled from the rotting plaster of the aged building. But the modern wing was bright and the garden was well kept. No house could be dismal which had a pretty girl inside it and such a show of roses in front.

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March 17, 2017


There were five bows of ribbon laid out in a row on Tavia’s bureau, each with a cunning little collar of the same attached. Pink, green—real apple green—mauve, tango and orange.
"What under the sun can she be Neo skin lab doing with those?” murmured Dorothy, when she chanced to see them, and touching the pretty bows lightly with her fingers. "Why! Tavia must be going to introduce a new style. Are they ribbon bracelets? How pretty!”
It was the day following the hilarious arrival of "the bad pennies” at Glenwood School, after the railroad bridge had burned and delayed them, and Dorothy herself had met little Celia Moran, the girl from the "Findling.”
Mrs. Pangborn had not yet arrived. She had been delayed by some family difficulty, it was understood, and really, for these first Neo skin lab days of the new term, "things were going every which-way,” as Tavia herself declared.
29 There was a new teacher in charge, too—Miss Olaine. Miss Olaine was tall, and thin, and grim. Tavia declared she looked just like "a sign post on the road to trouble.”
"And you want to be careful you don’t fall under her eye, Tavia,” Cologne had advised. "The girls who have been here through the vacation say she’s a Tartar.”
"Humph!” the headstrong Tavia had declared, "she may be the cream of Tartar, for all I care. I shall take the starch out of her.”
Now, had Dorothy Dale chanced to Neo skin lab hear this reckless promise of her chum she might have been more suspicious of the five pretty ribbon bows. Indeed, she would have been suspicious of every particular thing Tavia said, or did.
But, as it chanced, Miss Olaine seemed no more harsh or forbidding to Dorothy than any other teacher. Dorothy was not one to antagonize the teachers, no matter who they might be.
"Five bows,” murmured Dorothy again. "I wonder just what they can be for? Why, they’re too small, I do believe—those rings are—for Tavia’s wrist—or mine.

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March 09, 2017

Body Language Counts!

Why communication through body language and appropriate language are crucial to networking success?

I know most people take quick note of WAN Optimization someone that has an attitude. By that we mean that they look belligerent, like know-it-alls, and their ego hangs out like a sore thumb. This is not the person you generally want to do business with. That goes for language as well: you do not want to hang with someone that is negative, always plays the victim and always is whining about one thing or another. The fact that body language can work for you if you take time to listen to others is really important. The act of listening changes your body language almost immediately.

So that you can understand what the other  person is saying, you change from aggressive mode to passive mode. This type of body language makes others receptive to you, and they will want to tell their story to you. However, when others want to tell their story, it is important that you gently nudge them in the right direction. You want them to tell you about their business pain, or what is not right with their company. It is through analyzing what they are saying that you will gain bigger insights as to what needs to be remedied, how you can help them with that part of their business. After all, you are at the event to reenex cps pick up solid leads that will give you both profit and relationships that will last for quite some time.

What about language? The kind of language you should be using is: "Will you?", "Have you considered?", "I'll find out how I can help", "I know someone that?", even reiterating what they just said is good.

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March 08, 2017

The Take-off!

"I just can't start a conversation with women, and it's killing me. I'll see a female who I've been making good eye contact with, but I'm ielts speaking too shy to talk to her. Later when I'm at home I yell at myself for not trying. I know they're not all going to come to me. It really bothers me that I'm so shy. I'm really afraid that if this keeps up I'll miss my chance to find my one true love. "

Racing of the heart, a rise in body temperature, hot flushes, churning stomach and a funny feeling that you want to run away from that place... these are the symptoms of shyness! These shy people appear when they appear on stage... actors and actresses... they perform brillianly but when it comes to personal life they are introverts.

Similarly when performing in a group, while singing songs in a group, our shyness makes us lower our voice so that our singing may not union hospital hair transplant be heard outside. But once the shyness is got over we may be the loudest in the group! Similarly when a performer of a show requests the audience to clap, how many of us would be ready to clap loudly along with the music? Shyness prevents us from doing so and that is because we imagine that others are better than us.

Some find it difficult to do something as simple as smile and say "hello" to someone. If they don't tend to smile easily, they are afraid to "force" a smile out of the subconscious fear that it will be seen as "phony" by others. Studies say that the Mattress first thing women looks on men is the smile and laugh!

Once we start imagining that we are equal to others in all apsects this shyness would be gone. It may be a slow and steady progress but its worth all the efforts!

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January 25, 2017

Embracing a Cancer Prevention Diet

1. Low fat diet
It is a well-known fact that obesity is a culprit in causing serious illnesses, cancer being one of them. Reducing the intake of fatty food items like butter and cheese can help you limit the
amount of calories you consume everyday and also contribute to a healthier you.

2. Eat vegetables and fruits
Including fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet can supply your body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins, which will not only build your immunity levels but also help you fight
infections and cancer. It also, automatically, reduces your appetite for junk and fatty food. Consuming cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, apples etc on a daily basis can prove to be great for your overall health.

3. Avoid meat
Adopting a green diet and giving up meat especially processed meat will be an important step towards embracing a diet that can help you preclude cancer. Eating meat is known to increase the
risk of colon cancer. Slowly, can try your best to turn into a vegetarian.

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December 14, 2016

Everyday This Work Week

Here are 5 quick tips to make this a confident week:

1. Sit up! Set your alarm to go off 3 PolyU Weibo times throughout the day to check in with your posture. Body language is one the quickest ways to bolster instant confidence.

2. Get to know someone new. Have lunch this week with someone in your office that you don’t normally hang out with. Breaking your routine allows you to jump out of your comfort zone which is a fantastic catalyst for self confidence reenex facial breakthroughs.

3. Work it out – sitting at your office, or standing at your job is often very sedentary and mundane. So make a point to get some exercise during the day – whether it be a brisk walk for part of your lunch, or a quick work out in before you get there. Exercise fills the body with endorphins that create positive energy that you will be Bridal Makeup class projecting throughout the day. You’ll be amazed how much you get back in return. Good health is not just an integral part of living well – it also happens to be an instant confidence booster.

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December 12, 2016

See Yourself More Clearly

Mirror, Mirror
Psychologists call it perseverating: "To repeat or prolong an action, thought, or utterance after the stimulus that prompted it has ceased." Our subconscious minds cause us to obsess—perseverate—about people who mirror something in ourselves that Wedding planner needs our attention. I often marvel as clients bewail the very things in others that reflect their own actions. For example:

"I can't believe my kid has been smoking pot—I'm so upset, I've had to double my anxiety medication."

"My boss is incredibly secretive. It's so unhealthy—she's creating a culture of concealment. But don't tell anyone I said so."

"I wish I could get my sister to stop tearing herself down. I mean, she's not a total freaking loser like me."

From the outside, it's obvious these statements are masterpieces of self-referential thinking. But when we're the ones perseverating, we don't realize we're tourism industry research looking at human mirrors. So I devised the following exercise, which I call Epistles of Perseveration. It can help puncture denial and make the changes your subconscious mind knows are most important for you, right now.

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December 08, 2016


The incidents related in this chapter took place a few years back during a certain man?uvre season, and for obvious reasons it is Indian restaurant in Hong Kong impossible to indicate the men, forces concerned, or locality more closely than that. The forces concerned were an army corps advancing from the south, and one advancing from the north, toward each other, with a view to trying conclusions under man?uvre conditions. The story concerns scouts of the blue force, advancing ifco deco from the north—it was one of these scouts of the blue force who told the story. It must not be taken as a typical story of army life, for the circumstances under which these men were placed were exceptional, agreeably so; it is, however, sufficiently typical for relation, in that it embodies things actually accomplished by soldiers of the Army of the Republic. Like most things that happen both in man?uvres and in war, it could never happen again.

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November 24, 2016

Helps You To Succeed and Grow

1. Decide you want to bounce back. The power of intention is amazing, and the simple, conscious decision or desire to bounce back will make it far easier for you to do so. When you decide you want to do something and spend a little time visualizing, parts of your subconscious, intuition and conscious mind all start working together towards that goal—it’s the power of positive thinking at work. Even if you have no idea how you will do it, why not start by telling yourself that you’d like to bounce back from this failure? How you speak to yourself is so important.

2. When you fail at something, it isn’t about you. Well, in a way it is, but it isn’t about your core personality, humanity or your soul. It’s much harder to bounce back when you take failure to heart too much and make it about your value as a person. Your importance to those who love you does not change when you fail; your potential to make a difference in the lives of those around you does not change. If anything, your potential increases with every failure experience you have, since the most painful events in life often give us the most valuable experiences and dramatic growth. Experiencing failure makes us more compassionate, and that also increases our capacity to make a difference in the world.

How can you make sure you don’t take failure too personally? Remind yourself—literally, tell yourself—that deep down, you are still you. The failure was just a thing that happened, like a hundred other things that have happened to you. Maybe you did some things that didn’t work out, but if you compared notes with every ridiculously successful person out there, you’d find they all have similar stories to tell. Since you survived, you can still thrive!

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November 08, 2016















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August 04, 2016

Easy To Maintain Is Your Style: 6 Things Only Girls Who Hate Dressing Up Understand

1. You don’t have the time.
Dressing up is hard work. You have to do your hair, put on makeup and figure out what the heck you’re going to wear, and it usually involves uncomfortable footwear. You prefer to dress for the entire day; wearing an outfit that can easily transition from daywear to nightwear. You like to keep your morning routine simple. You usually shower and throw on a pair of workout leggings and a comfy T-shirt. You usually don’t even bother with your contacts. Wearing your chic eyeglasses is so much easier.

2. You’d rather just stay in and watch Netflix if you know that going out means wearing high heels.
High heels look great but they wreak havoc on your feet all night long. How can you enjoy yourself when you’re wincing in pain with every step? You marvel at the girls walking confidently in their heels and secretly think that they must have some kind of superpower to be able to walk like that while strapped into those pain machines all night.

3. Figuring out what shoes to wear with an outfit is actually really really hard.
You don’t want to clash but you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, and you still want to be comfy. Rather than deal with the struggle, you just slip on the Birkenstocks that you’ve worn for the past six years that go with everything and move on with your day.

4. You love simplicity.
You don’t really own or wear that many accessories or the accessories you do own are basically stashed away and collecting dust. You usually wear a few sentimental pieces of jewelry 90% of the time and only touch your other pieces when you’re feeling particularly adventurous. More often than not, the eyeglasses you own tend to be your only accessory. The good thing is, if you remember any episode of America’s Next Top Model, over-accessorizing is white noise for one’s look. Keep your pallet simple, and let your self be the star, not your bangles.

5. You basically live in your yoga pants.
Yoga pants are mankind’s greatest invention. They’re super comfy, stretchy and don’t dig into your skin like jeans do. Yoga pants are perfect for everything: running errands, doing laundry, going to class, hanging out with friends, working out, or just vegging on the couch and watching Netflix. It’s guaranteed you’ll be perfectly comfortable all day long in your yoga pants.

6. When you do dress up, you feel really awkward.
You’re so used to wearing comfy clothes that when you finally have an obligation to dress up, you feel really weird. But also, you really dig it. You’re reveling in the compliments. "I should do this more often,” you think. But then when you remember how much work it was to get ready, it immediately gives you a headache. You’ll just stick to your usual low-key style.

Girls who hate dressing up don’t like to hide behind clothes and makeup. We like to be genuine and be ourselves all the time. So keep rocking that low-key style and remember that our comfy fashion shows that we’re comfortable with ourselves and are laid-back but still confident and fun.

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June 22, 2011

LED lighting adjusts

Along with give out light the diode technical development, LED illuminates because of its longevity life, low achievement consume and the color can control to wait aspect of advantage more...

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November 23, 2010

Customer Reviews

My mom has always had eyebrows so thin and sparse that they were practically invisible, so she had been drawing them in since high school. I thought I would give Brow Gain a shot, so I bought it for her for Mother’s Day this past year. When I went home for the Fourth of July, I was amazed: her eyebrows were so much thicker and actually visible.

I decided that her next gift would be an eyebrow shaping with Damone.

Now a few months later, her brows still look thick and healthy even after not using the product since the end of the summer.

Thank you so much.

Brow Gain = Prettier pictures! 5
I’ve been modeling for years, which means I’ve had make-up artists plucking away at my brows trying to create that perfect look. Unfortunately for me, all the plucking had really taken a toll…one day I looked in the mirror and realized my brows (without make-up) were almost invisible!

Recently I was watching CNN (I’m also a news junkie) and saw a report on Brow Gain. I decided to go ahead and give it a try. The time to take some new pictures for my comp card was approaching and I was hoping for a more natural look, which is a bit hard to achieve when you have to draw your eyebrows on. :-) I started using it every night, and much to my surprise and delight my brows actually started growing back almost immediately…unbelievable!

I recently took some test shots and I look so much softer. It’s like having my natural brows back took 5 years off my face, just like that. Even after all the stress and over-plucking, thanks to brow gain I’m now the proud owner of healthier and thicker eyebrows (and prettier comp card pictures!).

Brow Gain - Love the results! 5
My friends tease me about my obsession with eyebrows but I feel they really frame your face and can make a huge difference in your appearance. Unfortunately I have always had fine hair so I spent a lot of time filling in my brows to make them look more dense. I even tried Rogaine which was smelly and messy but it didn’t help much. Last year I did a medical treatment which caused my eyebrows to thin even more and there were spots where you could hardly see any hair. I was pretty devastated to say the least. I tried Brow Gain and used it every night and very soon I could see little hairs growing back. I continued to use it and after about 6 weeks I had my eyebrows back - better than before! Some days I even go without the pencil! This product worked so great for me. I would definately recommend it. jiengw jiowsew woshziede

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November 17, 2010

Christmas Lights

Almost one more month and the Christmas will come. Now, it’s known the fact that when it comes to Christmas, most of the people are desperately looking for the most beautiful Christmas decorations, as it is a quite a trend nowadays to try to have the best seasonal decorations.

Though, some people aren’t aware of the fact that even if they might have best decorations, without a proper setup of the classic decorations and of the Christmas lights, the final view of the house might be a total failure.

So, how to decorate your house with Christmas lights?

First of all, you should have an exact idea of how your house would look like, once that it gets set up with all those shiny Christmas Lights. Our advice is to not use lights in excess, as it would only harm your house. And besides that, the energy bill will be quite high, and further more, the whole electric system might self destroy. This is why having a plan is necessary: because will help you make an idea about what are the items that are necessary and because will save you from having the most expensive winter holidays that you have ever had.

As concerning the lights, there are two types of lights that are recommended: the first one is represented by the classic white exterior bulbs, and the second one is represented by those old – and yet very efficient – chain of multiple bulbs with multiple shiny colors. Though, be very careful as the last ones can cause a very big discomfort for the ones that are actually living in the house, as they might cause sleep problems. And for sure, nobody would like to remember these holidays as the Sleepy Christmas, would they?

Last, but not least, if you are about to buy a light installation for the Christmas, then don’t look for the cheapest one, as it will only serve you for one year or maybe less. Instead, you could choose another one that is more expensive, but you know, everything that’s really good has a fair big price for it, but the buyers are offered the insurance that they will be served by the Christmas lights installation for a longer period than the cheap one would ever do. So, if you are about to decorate your house for Christmas with some lights, make sure that you have the above ideas in mind. beibay ohoh who areyou

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October 23, 2010

No secret deals

China and Japan have no secret agreement concerning the Diaoyu Islands issue, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said in Beijing on Thursday.

Ma's remarks came after media reports said Japanese government sources had revealed that China and Japan secretly reached a compromise on the Diaoyu Islands issue while Junichiro Koizumi was Japanese prime minister.

The Japanese government sources said Japan agreed in the deal not to detain Chinese citizens setting foot on the Islands while China promised to restrain Chinese vessels who voluntarily defend the Diaoyu from approaching the isles, according to reports.

"There is absolutely no secret agreement. It is nothing but a slanderous rumor which not only misleads the public but further jeopardizes the political mutual trust between China and Japan. The Japanese side must take upon itself the consequences for this (rumor)," said Ma when responding to a journalist's question.

Ma said the Diaoyu Islands are, and have been since ancient times, an integral part of Chinese territory.

The Chinese government's stance in safeguarding the nation's sovereignty and territorial integrity has always been unambiguous and unwavering, he added. profound newise gdilsae gonxow

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August 25, 2010

anti-drug education for public

business centre商务中心The Chinese government Tuesday issued guidelines calling for an intensified anti-drug education campaign for the entire society.

The guidelines, jointly issued by 18 government departments including the ministries of public security and education, urges anti-drug education to focus on key vulnerable groups, such as youths, migrant workers and people in areas with past records of prominent drug incidents.

The document urges the drug education program be conducted in communities, families, companies, public venues and rural areas in a bid to "roundly promote people's resistance to drugs."

According to the instructions, anti-drug advertisements should be published regularly through the Internet, cell phones and other new media.

Further, the guidelines call an intensified campaign to be conducted every June, which is recognized by the Chinese government as the key month for public anti-drug education.

The Ministry of Public Security previously said in a statement that Chinese police seized 38,000 suspects in drug-related crimes from January to May during a national campaign.

According to the statement, the crackdown, starting in early 2010, has been focusing on the manufacturing of drugs and in trafficking, especially with gangs involving foreign sources. hezuohuoban tianhuangdilao

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July 27, 2010

bribe journalists

The Zijin Mining Group, China's largest gold producer, has been accused of attempting to bribe journalists to cover up a wastewater leak in Shanghang, East China's Fujian province.

The Zijinshan Copper Mine, which is run by the group, suffered a wastewater leak, which went straight into the Tingjiang River on July 3, causing severe pollution that killed at least 1,890 tons of fish, according to local authorities.

The Fujian office of New Finance Economics magazine found that an extra 60,000 yuan ($8,851) was deposited into its bank account on July 8, five days after the leak, and the remitter was Zijin Mining Group, the First Financial Daily said in a report on Monday.

On July 4, one day after the leak, the magazine had sent a reporter to Shanghang to investigate the incident.

The head of the magazine's Fujian office, who was not named in the report, was quoted as saying: "I called the Zijin Mining (Group) and was told the money was paid for advertising expense, and also said we didn't have to publish anything for them." The office later returned the entire amount to the mining giant because they "knew what the money was meant for", the report said.

Xinhua News Agency officially exposed the leakage on July 12, attracting reporters from some 20 other media organizations to Shanghang.

Six media groups said they rejected Zijing's offer of money to hush up the matter, according to the report.

One of the journalists told China Daily that an employee of Zijin Mining visited him at midnight on July 15 and handed him an envelope.

blogspotblogmaycc1voxthoughtsblog co ukwordpress"I saw at least 5,000 yuan in the open envelope. The man said he was a staff member of the press department of Zijin Mining. He threw the envelope on the table and left," said the journalist, who did not want to be named.

He then submitted the money to the Longyan government, which administrates Shanghang county.

An official with the Longyan government confirmed they received the money, which was then returned to the Zijin Mining Group.

Zijin Mining has denied offering bribes.

"I've never done that. What the journalist said has ruined my reputation. If I have done such things, I have committed a crime," Zou Yongming, head of the press department of Zijin Mining, said on Monday.

"I hope reporters who claim I have tried to bribe them could come out with evidence such as sound recording," he said.

Zou said he had never heard of the New Finance Economics magazine, which claimed that Zijin Mining deposited 60,000 yuan in its bank account.

But Chen Qiang, a China Youth Daily reporter, wrote in his blog on Monday that Zou had contacted him on Sunday afternoon to help a reporter from the New Finance Economics get some information, indicating Zou knew of the magazine.

Reporters from China National Radio and the China Youth Daily told China Daily on Monday that they had not been offered bribes from Zijin Mining.

However, China Daily spotted a 150,000-yuan receipt on Zou's desk that was titled "advertising fee for local media".

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