April 19, 2017


I must confess to being startled by this proposal. I had not foreseen it. That I should have to do with any woman formed no part of my plans. As I have said, I hated women; I had not forgotten the lesson I had learnt as a lad. Hence the suddenness of his proposal took me somewhat aback.

But I did not betray my feelings. Instead I Neo skin lab walked quietly around the room, occasionally glancing at the two men who watched me closely.

"If I refuse to do this," I said presently, "you will of course make good your claims on Trevanion?"

Both nodded.

"And if I consent, you will in payment Neo skin lab for my services destroy the paper I gave to Prideaux,[Pg 25] give me back the deeds, and forgive the amount you mentioned?"

"I will have papers drawn up to that effect," replied old Peter in honeyed tones. "I will always be a friend to you, and render you any little services in my power. You are but thirty-two. Think what a gay life you could live!"

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April 10, 2017

Are You a Sheep in People Clothing?

Many people, who feel that they are independent and communicate well, are actually sheep in disguise. Are you one of them, how do you Hong Kong Travel discounts tell and how do you go about changing if you are?

When you are able to confidently stand on your own two feet, you become in control of your own life. You make decisions based on what is right for you or based on dreams and desires. When you are unable to do this, you start looking around for answers and can easily be lead astray.

People who are being sheep don't stop to find out for themselves what the facts really are. They look to other people for answers and understanding. They want so much to fit in that they deny to themselves who they really are and the divine gifts they have with in.

They are content to be, follow and become what everyone else is doing. They start to think, act, perform like the others and even believe that they like what the others like without question. They don't stop to find out what they like, desire or what their talents are.

Sadly, they can easily be lead into a mob reenex facial mentality and create death, destruction and pain on incident people while following someone else's agenda.

It is important to ask your self:
It what the other person saying true
Could he just be an antagonist with a hidden adgenda
Are these people riding on fear or being irrational
Is what they are saying even logical
Have I checked the facts
Are they looking to blame someone reenex for their own stuff.

Sometimes the other person may be trying to get you to follow there styles, beliefs or philosophies;

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