June 04, 2010

Obesity and asthma

A new study confirms a link between obesity and asthma.

A number of studies have shown an association between obesity and asthma, both of which have become much more common over the past three decades, Dr. Jun Ma of the Palo Alto Medical Research Institute in California note in the medical journal Allergy.

Ma and her team looked at about 4,500 men and women from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey for 2005-2006. About a third were overweight, and another third were obese.

Forty-one percent had some type of allergy, while 8 percent had asthma. The researchers wanted to tease out those rates because allergy and asthma are related in some people.

Twelve percent of the obese individuals had asthma, compared to six percent of the normal-weight study participants. And the likelihood of asthma rose as the body mass index -- BMI, a relation of weight and height used to gauge obesity -- increased and waist circumferences expanded.

The risk of asthma was more than tripled for the most obese individuals compared to normal weight people.

But the reason why the two might be related is still not clear. Some researchers have suggested the system-wide, low-grade inflammation that occurs with obesity may be a factor, while others have argued that resistance to the key blood-sugar-regulating hormone insulin -- which rises with excess weight -- is the reason for the link. That resistance often foretells the onset of diabetes.

Thirty-seven percent were either diabetic or had insulin resistance. The study did not find any evidence, however, that insulin resistance was responsible for the relationship, and allergy was not related to either weight or insulin resistance.

The findings don't rule out the possibility that insulin may be a link between obesity and asthma, Ma told Reuters Health by e-mail. There are a host of other potential reasons for the association, which seems complex, she added.

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November 24, 2009

Fate and love in the life

Fate and love in the life
The beginnings of a section of friendly feelings, is always the fate destined in the life, otherwise, why in boundless and indistinct sea of faces just let me run into you, occupied mutual mood, keep Hou, does not ask reciprocating, is moved because of this by the warm heart, apologetic, I think, one such meets, should be treasured carefully. So, love your love and like your liking. Because loves such and like,to have is mutual to appreciate each other just, have that copy who is the sincere just.

Because the emotion of trickling in the characters, because the one that imagined in the characters was pestered, began to walk close, begin to keep Hou, begin to wish Such my emotion like this of backing letting, even, the tears flow, because of that happiness, even, shake, because that is paid, you understand I am numerous, should understand more than myself, but, what will not be said sedulously, everything, the trickling letting nature take its course, affectionately, gentle, but for a long time

The ones that make great efforts strive for this share and hold the happiness lived in. Because does not want, the absolute sincerity letting down that scene of absolute sincerity and engraving in the heart hopes, the closeness of soul, the words that the flowery language that needn't be magnificent needn't be happy, quietly, hide in the heart, silent exchange, the vibrant emotion of soul that that kind makes, from the characters, to the music, reach the mood, none does not allow me to feel warm, in the heart of hearts

Painstaking, unatural instead, there is such a prerequisite, it is not awkward that the contacts stand up, knowing smile, sad tears, sincere miss, so broad and level an expression. From then on, those were passing, imprint in memory, will not disappear, even went lightly, having the trace that was liking constantly of cutting.

Once the gratitude many times, because I have run into you, confidence and courage that you gave to me, inspiration and state of mind that you give to me, the fragrance with flower, engrave it in my life, will never fade, every passage is a petal, difficult to forget.

Treasuring, such happiness.

Time, walk taking the beauty, those are passing, still remember, the mood told in characters is still here, so, I have been waiting, all the time the ones that have made great efforts have treasured such one permanently. Really, have you experienced? Happy, can wait to arrive, however, must add it hard. I have experienced, because of that efforts of yours, so I treasure such a wait extraordinarily, then, time precipitates for me, it is the happiness with strong fragrance of flowers.

Can not pay anything, always have a deep apology in heart, baffledly, often remembering, in fact, what we can hold are only that pair of ordinary hands at one's side, feel and make warm, then smile, just know, the person that should treasure must treasure, this grateful person must be grateful, it know how from the valuable,settle down by meeting such too, think always, in this way, it is all right, deep reason, simple miss, always hover in the heart.

At night, silent, because yearn for in the characters, the feeling, warm, because each other unselfish offering, needn't thank you, but also want the thanks, because of the depths of the heart, are collecting all the time, that kind of fate and that kind of raw thin fondness of cause!
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