June 22, 2011

LED lighting adjusts

Along with give out light the diode technical development, LED illuminates because of its longevity life, low achievement consume and the color can control to wait aspect of advantage The LED lighting adjusts to only equip design and realization

Along with give out light the diode technical development, LED illuminates because of its longevity life, low achievement consume and the color  can control to wait aspect of advantage, make it display in view lighting, signboard lighting and big screen display etc. more and more extensive of applied foreground and development potentialled lighting design, this text introduces a kind of LED lighting to drive device, can expediently control LED of only strong and color, can pass plait distance to carry on a control to several LED patterns, and this system can carry on correspondence through in a string of line and calculator and show the place of honor machine delivers of information.

The 1 LED adjusts light principle

Carry out LED currently, the lighting contains three kinds of essential technique routes,(1) according to three radicle color principle, make use of red, green and blue three radicle color LED synthesizes white light (2)and make use of purple outside LED stirs up three radicle color fluorescence powders, is sent out by the fluorescence powder of synthesize white light,(3) adopt blue light LED stir up Huang Guang the fluorescence powder carry out 2 dollars to mix a color white light.Compare under, adopt three radicle color LED mixture white only, not only can carry out ideal white light spectrum, and the light source color is adjustable, canning make it not only adapt to the color of dialogue light and request higher lighting situation, but also drive electric Unique Beauty circuit through a certain automatic control can be adapted to to various color and the bright degree and continuously change and request the accuracy the higher situation.In fact now principle such as figure 112 volt led lighting:

The bright degree that passes control's electric circuit to give out light LED to three radicle colors carries on regulating, it after passing the lens of synthesize bare color and bright degree all will adjustable.

2 adjust light to equip a total project

The 87 LPC762s single slice of machine transmission data goes to three road Ds|the A converts a machine and measure a number conversion in order to imitate quantity, enlarges electric circuit and controls respectively through the power red, green and blue three color LEDses gives out light of strength, control the color and bright degree that LED gives out light thus, adopt the way that the dynamic state scans to several LEDs, is controled two exportations by the single slice of machine and carries son and takes CLK as the basis outputs a string of the triode transistor difference that line signal also convert a spare part control and be placed in a switch work through the string to three radicle color LED carry on ordering bright, complete the control toward the sketch pattern.End, this system can immediately complete to adjust light various functions needed.The string line communication picks up a people adoption RS232 standard total line link with calculator, can deliver pattern or writing that needs to be shown in the calculator to this system and show.

The realization that 3 light colors adjust

Is a D|the A convert chip, can measure a number the conversion measure for emulation.The single slice of machine passes P the DB0-DB7 of the 0 people and AD558 conjunction, carry on proceeding together a data to deliver, controls the height that the AD558 outputs electric voltage with this, output electric voltage to enlarge to control LED through a power the monochrome gives out light of strength.Because the AD558 is 8 Ds|the A converts chip, therefore pass three road Ds|when the A controls three radicle colors respectively it can three radicle colors in of red, green and blue is divided into 25628= exportations respectively, if will three radicle colors arbitrarily the combination is the n biggest to form the combination of 2563=16777216 colors and bright degrees of resolution, passing the enactment of software data can according to the effective demand establish inside the biggest limit arbitrarily the resolution Victoria hk Kindergartens and nurseries are one of the trust-worthy hk kindergarten. It provides IB education with innovative bilingual/multilingual learning experience for childrenvalue needed.

4 order LED more to order respectively bright scan of realization

BE outputted signal respectively by single slice of machine P 1 people's three pins, the 74 LS164s goes a string the signal change into to proceed together signal, its exportation carries Q0-Q7 differences and red turquoise blue three radicle color LED Be public to carry a conjunction, can one by one in order output Gao Dian Ping under the control of the clock CLK1.This electric circuit proceeds together for data controls in a string of line, consequently can arbitrarily expand.

5 adjust the correspondence of light device and calculator system

Adjust an of light device and calculator system adoption RS-232 strings of lines correspond by letter standard, it stipulated to send out to carry an actuator and receive to carry to receive the electricity of the machine even the relation and load request, signal velocity and conjunction request etc., the MAX232 mainly uses to complete TTL to give or get an electric shock RS in Ping-ho-232 of give or get an electric shock an even conversionled home lighting.

6 conclusions

Design and created a set of LED to adjust light device, adopted single slice of machine to pass three road Ds\ the A convert output and control LED respectively red, green and blue three radicle color exportation, carry out and illuminate color and bright degree to the semi-conductor regulating of breadth scope, high accuracy, in the meantime pass a string combine the conversion scan a way and make a set of system can control respectively to several LEDs and carry out it is in the tall accuracy control light and control the foundation top of color can constitute aleatoric of quiet, dynamic state pattern or appearance.led lighting residential

The matrix that passes to test model to the actual creation 128 ×s 64 LEDses to constitute carries on a pattern and color, bright degree to carry on to test for 8 hours, the light strong stability in enunciation LED center is in the 280 lxes( lx:Lei gram Si), along with the LED temperature go up light strong Shuai in center Be turned down to 3%, come to an an anticipant control to request level.

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