November 23, 2010

Customer Reviews

My mom has always had eyebrows so thin and sparse that they were practically invisible, so she had been drawing them in since high school. I thought I would give Brow Gain a shot, so I bought it for her for Mother’s Day this past year. When I went home for the Fourth of July, I was amazed: her eyebrows were so much thicker and actually visible.

I decided that her next gift would be an eyebrow shaping with Damone.

Now a few months later, her brows still look thick and healthy even after not using the product since the end of the summer.

Thank you so much.

Brow Gain = Prettier pictures! 5
I’ve been modeling for years, which means I’ve had make-up artists plucking away at my brows trying to create that perfect look. Unfortunately for me, all the plucking had really taken a toll…one day I looked in the mirror and realized my brows (without make-up) were almost invisible!

Recently I was watching CNN (I’m also a news junkie) and saw a report on Brow Gain. I decided to go ahead and give it a try. The time to take some new pictures for my comp card was approaching and I was hoping for a more natural look, which is a bit hard to achieve when you have to draw your eyebrows on. :-) I started using it every night, and much to my surprise and delight my brows actually started growing back almost immediately…unbelievable!

I recently took some test shots and I look so much softer. It’s like having my natural brows back took 5 years off my face, just like that. Even after all the stress and over-plucking, thanks to brow gain I’m now the proud owner of healthier and thicker eyebrows (and prettier comp card pictures!).

Brow Gain - Love the results! 5
My friends tease me about my obsession with eyebrows but I feel they really frame your face and can make a huge difference in your appearance. Unfortunately I have always had fine hair so I spent a lot of time filling in my brows to make them look more dense. I even tried Rogaine which was smelly and messy but it didn’t help much. Last year I did a medical treatment which caused my eyebrows to thin even more and there were spots where you could hardly see any hair. I was pretty devastated to say the least. I tried Brow Gain and used it every night and very soon I could see little hairs growing back. I continued to use it and after about 6 weeks I had my eyebrows back - better than before! Some days I even go without the pencil! This product worked so great for me. I would definately recommend it. jiengw jiowsew woshziede

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